Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple green tunic

This may be simple but with a belt and a good attitude it is one of the most flattering styles of garb and the most versatile. I absolutely love how this one turned out although you'll never catch me wearing this one at summer events because I made it specifically for Egils when it gets bloody cold! (It is heavy wool) This will hopefully become a staple of my inventory someday. With a little trim and a couple sleeve and fabric options it can be appropriate for any class of persona or character and can be used as an under tunic or just by itself. I know I am making a big deal out of something really easy but I really love it.

Now onto business. Survey time! If you were likely to buy one of these options which would it be? Do the price tags put you off? I am doing this at very little over cost and nowhere near a living wage because this is never intended to be anything more than pursuing a hobby to help pay for my own eventing and costuming habits. I could probably make things more affordable eventually if I can buy in bulk but I am just starting out and don't have the investment capital to do that.

Best fabrics and possible price points

Quilting Cotton
Positives- Good color range, inexpensive, 100% cotton so it breathes (big plus for summer events. Seriously people can get heatstroke from synthetics).
Negatives- Wrinkles: fabric softener and wear can eliminate this over time but it takes a while for the fabric to relax, Shrinkage: means I have to buy more fabric overall to achieve the same result, Not actually period: Cotton wasn't really widely available in Europe until the industrial revolution.
Proposed price for cotton tunic= $40
+ Trim
Metalic = + $20 (the stuff is pretty spendy)
Binding Tape (Actually a common period trim) + $10
Dagged Sleeves= + $15

Period, Lightweight, good drape, takes dye well.
Cons- EXPENSIVE!, Really there are cheaper silks out there than 100% linen. There are cheaper synthetic alternatives but I really would rather not use them. What I actually use is a cotton/ linen blend that once again is not period but it would be driving the price way up
Tunic Price Range Cotton/ Linen Blend $60
100% Linen $80
Trim prices are the same
Dagged Sleeves + $25

Pros: Pretty, tear resistant, lightweight, dyes well
Cons, expensive, also stains easy and is not appropriate for all personas, more labor intensive and prone to unraveling.
Price Point $90
Trims " "
Dagged Sleeves + $30

Pros: pretty, warm, very tactile and luxurious.
Cons: HOT most conventions, Ren Faires and SCA events are hot places and draping your body in these fabrics really isn't good for your health. Expensive: well really there are two price options here crushed and stretch velvet neither are cheap but crushed is significantly less expensive. Velvet is also not appropriate for most period accurate personas but it is great for costuming.
Crushed Velvet
Dagged Sleeves +$15
Stretch Velvet
Dagged Sleeves
+ $20


  1. I certinally approve of the prices. I have no idea what the standard range is really, but it seems reasonable.

  2. Hi Bobbi it's Bre. I think that the prices are most reasonable. You have a lot of good options too. Good luck :)