Monday, September 6, 2010

Blasted Machine! (and in progress photos)

Well my Singer Tradition 2250 has officially kicked the bucket. Nothing I do is fixing the thread bunching and I have done everything in the singer troubleshooting guide for it. I even called their customer service and they told me that the only way that would happen was if my presser foot was up. I have read reviews of the machine from amateurs and professionals and have finally come to the conclusion that this is not operator error. So mom and I will attempt to figure out how to thread the vintage 1960ish (can't for the life of me find the model's history with the numbers on the machine.) Kenmore Zigzag DeLuxe. (Actually she just did it's just weird to me because newer machines don't have nearly as many pieces to thread through.) We got it for $30 at a thrift shop and it's amazing I just pretty much have to relearn machine sewing.

In the mean time I have been hand stitching trim onto a vest for my boyfriend for the Ren Faire next weekend and am rather happy with how it's going so I decided to share some photos with you. It is a really nice faux suede I picked up and extra wide bias in a really nice emerald green. I will be adding some gold trim to it before the pirate festival so he can be a truly gaudy gypsy. (He likes being showy) Although there is an up side of my sewing machine being broken.I am getting a lot better at hand sewing.

A hand sewn seam that I don't feel like hiding yay!!!

Very pretty suede, almost can't tell it's faux leather. Hopefully Riley will like it.

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