Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to the Geeky Wench

Well I guess I should introduce myself. I am Bobbi, a seamstress in training that wants to turn my hobby into something more and help others out with getting comfortable and affordable clothing while I am at it.

Most of what I sew is SCA garb because that is the hobby I have had the longest that involves costuming and I love the medieval aesthetic. I am also currently obsessed with steampunk and neo-victorian costuming as you will no doubt see when I post photos of what is currently on my cuttting table.

I have posted some photos of my recent work and I will be getting more up that are hopefully better quality soon.

This will be the blog for my Etsy shop hopefully sooner than later. I am working up an inventory doing commissions for friends and my own costuming for reference photos because I plan to do custom simple garb and costuming. I don’t plan to make elaborate Tudor nobility garb or exact accurate reproductions. This is for the casual fair/sca goer and costume fan.

Left to right a tunic and chemise for a friend's celtic persona. An underbust kirtle for myself that is terribly OOP but fun and a Pirate vest for my boyfriend.

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