Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scaredy cat has kicked me out of my sewing room! (And corset contest news)

So I got home from visiting family on Saturday and Riley had agreed to puppysit for a friend of his. Which was fun even if they weren't all that well behaved. (One of them kept trying to hump my leg and the other one was covered in fleas and the younger one peed on my floor right in front of the bedroom door.) Well apparently even though his cat is used to big puppies she is not used to being caught by them and it shook her up pretty bad. She's been panting and hiding in my sewing room (Where Riley locked her up to protect her from the puppies) since then although she's finally peeking her head out today so we're optimistic that I can get back to work soon. (This cat just has a personal vendetta against me getting work done.)
Well I tweaked my Damsel in this Dress corset design entry. I think this will totally solve the problem with the curls standing up and makes my design look different from Damsel's prototype so I thought that I would share it. Damsel is apparently re-considering her idea to host a contest for fear of legal ramifications I really hope she decides to do it anyway because I know me an a lot of her fans have been really excited for it.

Ondine corset design

my new design idea  

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  1. Yes, that looks very cool! Nice way to change it up!

    I agree in hoping she keeps the contest because I'd love to see everyone elses ideas too!