Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well I still feel rather icky so I didn't do anything for Halloween besides staying home with apple pie (the drink) that we had made to take to the party. Riley did take me to the humane society to hang out with puppies to make me feel better. It was awesome! There was this little tiny weimaraner that I wanted to steal and cuddle forever! Her name was Snowy but she's only five weeks old and already 20lbs so I know there's no way we could keep her. Also there was a gianormous boxer mix in isolation that we played chase with through the fence. (Exerting myself a little too much but it was so much fun.)

But even though I am not doing anything interesting for Halloween I did make a Peter Pan costume for my friend Meghan down in Southern Oregon and my mom went and got a picture of her so I could see how it turned out. 
From my mom's iPhone so not the best quality
I am really proud of it ^_^. Apparently though people think she's Robin Hood .... I don't get it but people are silly. But yeah costuming I did some!

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