Monday, November 15, 2010

Sewing to do list

So my craft room is a mess! I had to leave my dresser and craft cupboard behind at my last moves so I have nothing to do with all of these craft supplies. I have finally set up my sewing machine but I don't actually have a chair that I can use to sit at it so I can't really use it right now. I was using Riley's computer chair when he wasn't home but he broke it and now it's too low.
The yarn at least is organized ... for now. I swear I sorted and organized it before I moved and then I opened the chest and all I see is this colorful Gordian Knot. This yarn stash was inherited from someone who apparently loved plastic canvas and granny squares (as well as scary geese I really need to get some new contact paper to cover that chest) so there were a lot of itty bitty ends of skeins causing the clog. The odd thing being that I have already gone through and purged those little things before and given them to crafters who use them. I swear my stash is breeding which means I should probably not ignore it for six months at a time.
The fabric is folded neatly in messy bins and boxes and I really need give it its own dresser or bookcase soon. But then there's pattens and notions ... good lord the notions! I have been slowly collecting interesting laces and ribbons and little pendants and beads for projects over the years and now they are eating our spare room.

So on to the sewing to do list. (AKA the goal list to be able to turn this into a viable business in the someday future thing)
1. Get roving. I have been trying to work out how to make miniature tri-corns and top hats and my buckram with cloth covering tries just haven't given me the right shape so the new plan is to felt them myself. I learned felting years ago as well as home dying so with some work I think I could get some nifty unique hats going.
2. Work out my pattern and prototypes of my ribbon wench skirt. This is one of the items I want to have around for fairyworld/ faires next season. I want it to be signature piece in my faire collection when I get the etsy shop up (getting closer to that when I apply for real world jobs so I can have a bank account again).
3. Work on my prototypes of bodices, the single most popular item of a good wench's wardrobe and so many people can't get them right. I have some great plans to make unique ones that range from underwear appropriate Elizabethan conicals to the wonderfully Out Of Period and wenchy. I just need to sit down and work out my collection and patterns.
4. Get a dress form, then adjust it according to the directions on Sempstress. So I have a way to perfect these patterns and display them.  This will probably be accomplished by making a duct tape version of a less curvy friend and then padding it so I can use it for my size. ( I am much better at drafting for other people when I can see how the garment fits them via mockups but I can't do the same thing for me.)
5. Make Riley some garb that won't get us as much garb snarking. He may not care but I actually am in the SCA for some measure of accuracy in my anachronism and his stuff is blatantly inappropriate for his persona's nationality and period. Also he's free advertising space.
6. Make up some simple chemise style tops and skirts to go with my over skirt designs and bodices. I have the design worked out and they are pretty one size for certain ranges.
7. Make me some actually period garb because none of mine fits anymore and what does isn't practical. I need to make some nice period pieces. I am thinking of just sticking to a cotehardie (I am aware this is a disputed garment but they are pretty) and possibly a simple apron dress. I want to keep my clothes in a middle class income level so copying the nobles styles in linen and wool (Ok cotton blends because eventing is bloody hot!) and I will probably just making a linen leine for when it's too hot to bother with more layers since I'm Irish anyway.
8. Organize, Organize, Organize! I can't know what I need to do or buy to finish these unless I actually organize and do a real inventory.

So that's where things stand right now.

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