Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zombie Zombie Schoolgirl Zombie!

So this weekend was the zombie walk and since I made a costume up for it I thought I would share the photo since I haven't had anything else to put up here.
Grr Argh! Photo by Coyote's Childe
You can't see the skirt I actually made, but that's because it was getting rainy so the camera went away pretty early. You also can't see the rips I went to great lengths to make all over that top. I did get an awesome shot of Riley and I together that showcases our awesome makeup (By Coyote's Childe)

Love bites photo by Coyote's Childe
It was an awesome walk and only a little rainy which wasn't to bad anyway since I thought it was going to be worse and planned ahead and turned my boyfriend into a ZOMBRELLA!

Riley the Zombrella by Coyote's Childe

 I should have thought more ahead to try to hide the tape. It looked more believably stabbed into him from behind but I really just didn't feel like trying to get sick when I really wasn't feeling too hot when we started. ( I have an ear/ sinus infection that I have been trying to home treat and hoping it will just go away but I may have to see a doctor soon.) We did get some complaints about it when we were trying to watch the dance. Honestly though it was a rainy day in Portland. There were umbrellas everywhere and ours was not more or less an offender than any other. I know it's frustrating not to be able to see but there was a reason the website told you to come early if you wanted a decent viewing option.

Sorry for the mini-rant but people annoy me. It was a really fun event otherwise and hopefully the rain helped clean up and make sure the walk didn't cause too much property damage.

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