Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why I am too blunt for my own good

I'm not a garb snark I swear! I hate garb snarks because they made my early years of eventing pure torture especially when I was stupid enough to ask for their advice once when I was learning to sew and they teased me so badly about a mistake I made on a friend's shirt that I completely swore off sewing for several years after that.

That being said I don't snark on people's garb to their faces or just because it isn't period. If it fits the aesthetic and they are having fun and are comfortable I just make mental notes about what I would change. But when we were at Shrewsbery Faire this last weekend Riley asked if I had seen a girl's dress and before my mental filter could turn on I blurted out "Tell me you don't mean that slouchy purple poly(ester) one" There was a lady in front of us who turned around to agree that it was a good description of the dress but I still felt really bad. Riley was just trying to point out that the dress had an amazing cut. If it were in pretty much any natural fabric he would be right. It was a very simple princess seamed gown very lord of the rings movie style (Yes I am aware those were not period but for the casual costumer; who cares they are cute!) It was laced rather cutely up the front and back and was a good color for the girl but the fabric was just clingy hot mess that was already quite obviously sweaty and uncomfortable.(It was only 11:30 and the forecast was just going to get hotter) On a rather thin but healthy girl it was terribly unflattering because she was slouching and it gave her the illusion of being far pudgier than she was all because the farbic was wrong.

So there's my confession. I totally garb snarked at a ren faire. I do feel bad,
I am used to the standards of the SCA and I honestly am glad that the girl never heard me. I need to remember that not every event is like the SCA events I went to when I was younger ( I wasn't old enough to realize that the people I was camping with were the pickiest of re-enactors that are not the norm for eventing.) I also just personally don't ever want to let myself get into a habit of being that rude.

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