Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Garb and puppy

So I haven't entirely been slacking but getting any work done with a six month old puppy is practically impossible. This is the adorable new distraction in my life.
His name is Zathras and he's a basset hound/ rat terrier mix (we think)

But my puppy as cute as he is, is not the reason for this blog. I have been working lately, I have been hand edging the surcoat and leaning how to cut and iron my own bias tape to finish it. (which hurts a lot) I also broke down and made a chemise out of the plaid fabric I had been keeping around for my Gaelic wear.

I will try to say the following without sounding like an insecure teenager. Women my size should avoid plaid like the plague and I should know better. But it's appropriate and it was an inexpensive fabric in colors that suit me so I decided to deal with it but I just wasn't prepared for how awful the following image is.

Oh, hello again puppy. 
I really really hate how this looks on me but it's better than being naked at event and it is still a good piece. I guess I should just focus on changing me rather than the fabric but ... gah!

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