Monday, April 25, 2011

Eventing Season! Time for a new to do list.

Ok so Egils is May 27 and The Rogue Renaisance Fair is May 14 We only need one outfit apiece for The Ren Faire so I'm not terribly worried just excited to go have fun. The list that follows then is for Egils. Today marks 35 days until the event and 25 of which can I reasonably expect to get things done. Each of those usable days has a block of time open that is approximately 8 hours but to account for other chores, my attention span and other distractions let use average it at six. That leaves approximately 150 potential hours of work.

Egils sewing to do list.
1. Finish Riley's purple shirt (80% about three hours work left)
2. Finish Riley's vest (35% estimated work left about 15 hours (will probably skip the decor for this event and cut it down to 4 hours)
3. Finish the tokens for the dance competition (65% about 1.-2 hours left.)
4. Make the scarf for the youth bracket's prize (5% about 6 hours estimated work.)
5. Find a teddy bear and garb it for the children's bracket prize. ( 0% estimated time about 6 hours and maybe another two for detailing I need the actual bear before making an estimate.)
6. Finish my surcoat and Gaelic chemise (75% about 3 hours left)
7. Make my cotehardie (0% about 20 hours work. ((may be backlogged until seadogs))

That's about 46 hours total assuming nothing explodes and the puppy lets me work.

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